18 February 2011

Kiki Kakuchi

Straight from the Bureau of Is She or Isn't She comes Case #4656346, a.k.a. Kiki Kakuchi. This Canadian hottie is as adept at making people question whether or not she is still active in the modeling business as she is making guys sweat over her 53-30-38 voluptuous and curvy frame. Kiki does have her own site, but seems determined not to trumpet that fact herself nor does she engage in any social media as is all the rage nowadays. It could just be that she wants the images on the site to speak for themselves in attracting new subscribers; if that is the case, I would definitely encourage you to click the link below to get a taste of Kakuchi:

Kiki's Official Site
Kiki's Boobpedia Page
Kiki's Page on Lana's Big Boobs

Kiki has been modeling online since 2004 and one can say she is not shy about showing off what she has in the most unusual of websites. She has shown off her huge rack on such sites as Juggmaster.com, ThickNBusty.com, and somewhat recently on WorldWideWives.com, but she has also displayed a willingness to do straight up hardcore for a few select sites and even engage in some very explicit watersports scenes as well. Given that, she perhaps should have decided to call herself Kinki Kakuchi...but whatever name she goes by, it would be awesome to be able to see more of her on a more consistant basis. Until then, her case file will have to go back to the Bureau under the heading "Unsolved".


Sam Rockhard said...

Kiki's site is fun...she is a sexy girl!

Don Carlos said...

No arguments there at all, SR. Her body rocks like nobody's body :D

panhype said...
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panhype said...

Kool shot! Kiki as we know and love her. Kiki is the best! Or at least one of the best.

I don't know either what she's up to these days. My closest guess would be that she's moved on for the most part. And very occasionally produces photosets that she sells to whoever is interested. Just what she did the last couple of years.

My contacts with Kiki stopped almost 3 years ago. When we talked she was super nice and real, a girl with multiple talents and interests, and sometimes a bit frustrated when people plagued her with too generic or cheap crap. As a model Kiki was definitely not shy with trying uncommon things, but without being reducible to those. In some respect Shione Cooper comes to mind. In retrospect Kiki would have done a few things in her career differently, but as well she doesn't regret anything. The site you're linking to (and Boobpedia as well) definitely is not Kiki's site. After suspecting so i asked her. She said that somebody else registered the domain. And that she just sold him something like 18 photosets. That's her only relation with that site.

Sam said...
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