12 April 2010

Curvy Scarlette

It's interesting to note the proliferation of models like Lethal Lexi Lithium, Honey Parker and Anorei Collins who are coming out as self-professed geeks who love gaming and comic books as much as guys do. One more name you can add to the list is Curvy Scarlette, a hot redhead hailing from the Great White North who says on her website that her geeky side enjoys collecting "Nightmare Before Christmas" memorabilia. She is also fairly good at collecting fans and admirers with her girl-next-door good looks, curvacious figure, perky 44D boobs and a vivacious personality. But seeing is believing, so here are some links you can click on to check out Scarlette's goods:

Scarlette started as a model on Southern Charms in 2006 but quickly gained enough of a following to warrant a site of her own just 2 years later and clearly enjoys being in front of the camera; in fact, she likes it so much that she has collected pictures from various sets that she has done that other models would probably just as soon delete and assembled them on her site as a special "blooper" set. As well, she also has a Formspring page that allows people to ask her whatever they want to anonymously and she will answer it for them regardless of the question. It's that kind of adventuruous spirit that endears her to her many fans and justifies her self-defining website slogan: Cute, Curvy and Canadian!


Nancy Lil said...

oh yeah, nerds are where it is at!!

Scarlette said...

Thank you sweetie! This it totally COOL BEANS@