20 August 2009

Amy Villainous

The up-and-coming model known as Amy Villainous makes her way into the Gallery today and I think you will agree that she is not your run-of-the-mill everyday photo subject. She has a style that can best be described as "Riot Grrl Extreme"with her multicolored hair, semi-goth make-up, wild outfits and, of course, her natural 38H bustline. She started out as
a make-up artist who's definitely discovered her talent in front of the camera as well. Here are her links for your perusal:

Amy's Official Store
Amy's Facebook Page

Amy comes by her style naturally. According to her Myspace page, she has always been a comic-book enthusiast which is where she gets most ideas for her photo shoots. She also likes to attend sci-fi and horror conventions, enjoys drawing and sketching, hopes to someday join or be involved with a rollerderby team, and
loves videogames. She also has done a series of video blogs on Myspace that have been very popular as well. Don't be too surprised when you see more of this unique and adventurous beauty in the very near future.

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